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About the Society

The Utah Indochina Chinese Benevolence Society has been an established organization since 1985. Our mission is to serve members of the community by advancing the benevolence, resources, and network of Chinese-Americans in Salt Lake City. To that end, the society focuses on three major annual events.

Chinese New Year Banquet

At the beginning of each year, the Society celebrates Chinese New Year with an upscale banquet for all members and their families. In addition to traditional Chinese cuisine, the banquet is celebrates the new year with a lion dance, cultural performances, and karaoke. An opportunity drawing for all guests complements the event. Biennially, the new President of the Society is installed for a two-year term.

Elders Banquet

The purpose of the Elders Banquet is to recognize and appreciate elder members of the Society. It is held between Mother's Day and Father's Day each year to remind and encourage the younger generation to love and respect their parents, grandparents, and other elders in the community. Due to the generous donations of volunteers and supporters, red envelopes of honor are presented to elders over 80 years of age. Additionally, an opportunity drawing is held for all in attendance.

Summer Picnic

Our annual Summer Picnic is held in August to recognize students in the Society with scholarship awards while enjoying the wonderful Utah weather. Scholarship money is presented to all students from elementary to college level. The Summer Picnic has been and continues to be held at Sugar House Park. It is an opportunity for younger members, young families, and children to enjoy picnic fare in the warm summer breeze.

Supporting Our Local Community

In addition to our three major annual events, the Society is also committed to supporting its individual members in times of need and celebration. Furthermore, the Society also supports other Asian organizations locally, nationally, and internationally. Through its continued fundraising efforts year-round, the Society generously donates its time and money to events presented by other organizations and relief efforts in times of crisis. 

The Utah Indochina Chinese Benevolence Society continues to nurture and promote its goal to provide a welcoming Chinese-American community in Utah for generations to come.